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this is the most sentimental post ever:

i just got back from yearbook camp as a ta, and i have this sinking feeling/ emptiness in my chest. i never understood how people could enjoy an event/convention so much (aka key club dcon) that it’s all that’s on their mind when they get home, but i, too, somehow have what they call “post camp depression.”

i went into camp not expecting much. i was unsure if i could even help the schools and camp wasn’t something i was counting down the days until; it just suddenly popped up. i was extremely relieved to have brian as a friend going in because i knew i wasn’t going to be totally alone.

yes, it was awkward at first meeting all these new faces, and learning names was a disaster for me, but by the end of camp, these are the faces i wish i could constantly see and be friends with for life. from the very first day, where we watched jake dance while we prepared camp bags and later played 10 fingers and mafia to taking pictures illegally in the fountain and running for our lives when security stopped by, the people i met made this camp everything.

i don’t know if it’s our mutual love for yearbook or just pure luck that we were the group, but i’ve never bonded with people so fast. they were the most open people i’ve ever met, evident by our playing 10 fingers as our first game and learning perhaps a little too much about each other. we played mafia and bonded by killing and blaming each other. we laughed to tears watching sid get hypnotized. we made fun of yearbooks together, walked the beach together, ranted to each other about the different schools, and got in trouble together. we heard eric yell “tc” everytime, watched mimi get down with jake, and plotted against brian in mafia. we were never a clique and we simply understood each other.

songs of the week:

  1. starving: hailee steinfeld / zedd
  2. cold water: justin bieber / major lazer
  3. closer: chainsmokers / halsey

these are the songs that were on repeat the entire week, the songs that we danced to, the songs in the slideshow, and the songs that will forever remind me of camp.

2016 staff: brian, liz, will, mika, kelly, amy, helay, tiff, jake, aaron, eric, jessy, & syd: i’ve never met people like you, and i hope that, more than anything else, that we will stay in contact and meet again. the end came so quickly, and our goodbyes were said with the lingering thought that we might never see each other again. from afters ice cream to walrus murals, it was fun until the end. so much love. mimi, dolores, dmitri, thank you so much for everything, including helping me meet these people. it’s truly an honor serving schools and doing something i love: yearbook.

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